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When did you last enjoy playing a good slot machine? After reading this, you will discover what describes the best slots to play online. If you have never played these games before, don’t worry as we will cover that. We will also go over types of online slots and much more. 

What Are Online Casino Slots

Online casino slots are a huge thing in the internet gambling world. In fact, they make up most of our games. Online slots are games where you can bet the outcome after clicking the spin/play button of the game. These games are based on luck, which means you don't need any skills to play them. 
With thousands of slot machines, you can play any that matches your level of confidence. For example, a player that has never played slots before can start with the easiest type slot with three reels, where winning involves having two similar symbols on a payline. On the other hand, a pro would play megaways with more than 50 paylines.
Different regions refer to these games in various labels. For example, Australia and New Zealand call them pokies, slot machines in America, fruit machines or fruities in Britain, puggy in Scotland, and slots in Canada. This guide covers slot machines (if you like, the name you use in your region). 

Types of Online Slots

We have more games than one can ask for in our slot games library. The good thing is, you will always have a fresh game at your disposal to try. Below, we cover the types of online slots on our site you can play at your convenience. 

  • Classic Slots

These are the simplest slots you can play at our casino. We would have included fruit machines under a different name, but they are technically classic slots. A fruit machine is a mechanical slot popular in bars, stores, and some land-based casinos. Developers have taken the classic aspect of fruit machines and converted it into modern slots. 
Usually, fruit classic slots have three to five reels. They feature fruit symbols and several other different symbols to act as wild or scatter symbols.

  • Video Slots

Video slots have grown in popularity. They usually have up to seven reels and up to 1024 paylines. The difference between these and previously discussed slots is quality graphics, excellent animation, and a story backing up the slot. 
A 3 reel video slot uses the middle reel as the payline, while a five-reel slot has 100 paylines. Seven reel video slots are not as popular as the first two. A good example of a video slot is the Vikings. This features a soundtrack, animation, characters, and everything describing a Viking movie you've watched. Another example is the Safari slot. It features the big five African wild animals as high-paying symbols and card letters (K, J, Q) as low-paying symbols. These games have free spins, awarded when you get special symbols or scatters. Some even have several mini-games within them. Some examples include the Age of Asgard and the Legacy of Egypt. 

  • Progressive Jackpot Slots

The world of online slots would be incomplete without progressive jackpot slots. This is because these games provide opportunities to win life-changing money. Although the chances of winning a jackpot are slim, it shouldn't prevent you from trying your luck. Some developers of these games even have progressive jackpots linked to several online casinos. Examples of progressive jackpot slots include the Wheel of Wishes, Mega Moolah, and others. 

  • 3D Slots

Another type of best slot to play is 3D slots. These games are the most immersive and enjoyable you can play on our platform. With developers using the latest technology, these games are not just slots on flat reels. Instead, they are designed in 3D such that they bring a specific scene into life-like. Most of these slots are based on TV shows and popular movies. 
For example, Enchanted Meadow from Play'n GO is based on a fairy story. Thus, you will come across cute animals, decorative plants, and so much more surrounding fairies. Another example is Sin City Nights. This 3D slot adapts the sultry nature of Las Vegas combined with casino life in the city. With cascading reels, this slot provides you with 25 paylines. 

  • Virtual Reality Slots

While virtual reality is changing most things globally, the casino world has not been left behind, as evidenced by virtual reality slots on our platform. With these games, you don't have to play in the outside world like other casinos. Instead, these games make you feel part of the play by helping you look at them from a different perspective. You need a computer with a virtual reality room to play these games. You can get a Virtual Reality headset or watch the game unfold into reality. One of the virtual reality slots you will find thrilling is Jack and the Beanstalk.  

How to Play Online Slots

If you want to kick off your gambling adventure but don’t know where to start, slot games are just the thing you need, as they are pretty straightforward to play. However, just like any other casino game, slot games also have rules and mechanics to follow. 

The first thing to understand is the payline. This is the line on the reels where if the winning combination falls, you win. The payline can be horizontal, vertical, zigzag, diagonal, or vertical. That's why you can find a slot with 3x5 reels with over 25 paylines.

The other concept you need to understand is reels. These are spinning columns. From the above image, we have three reels. 

The other thing is the paytable. This tells you how much you will win when you bet with a specific amount against the similar symbols that appear on the payline. A certain combination of symbols can pay more than another. For example, if playing cards are featured in a slot, a combination of the K symbol will pay more than J's.

Another aspect to keep in mind while playing slots is the game symbols. The main types of symbols include:

  • Wild Symbols: they replace any symbol to create a winning combination. If the reels stop with four similar/winning symbols on a payline and one Wild Icon on the same payline, it will become the fifth missing symbol to create five winning icons, resulting in a better payout. Wild Icons can appear on the reels differently. For example, stacked Wild symbols don't just occupy a cell but several cells in a row. Another wild icon is the Expanding Wild, which can replace all other symbols on the reels, not just the payline. 
  • Scatter Symbols: they rarely appear on a slot. When they do, they create bonus rounds. Wild Symbols cannot replace Scatter Symbols. A bonus round is an extra game with several hidden prizes.

With that in mind, it is time to learn how to play these games. First, you need to deposit money to your Wild Fortune player account and choose a slot. Depending on the game's complexity, you will see all the control buttons on the slot, including start, stop the spin, min/max bet, and others. 
Enter the amount you want to stake per spin, how many spins you want to play, and click play. Alternatively, you can choose this amount each time before clicking the spin button every time you want to spin instead of using the auto-spin button. Wait for the game to unfold. For any winning combination, you will be notified with the winning added to your wallet. 
Ideally, prompt messages will pop on your screen. This means you won't be playing blindly as the game has to pop messages telling you what is happening. 

Enjoy Our Mobile Slots

Playing slots has never been easier, especially at Wild Fortune Online Casino. If you are looking for mobile casino slots to play on your smartphone, we got your back. If you can’t find a Wild Fortune mobile application on Google Play or App Store don’t worry; our application can be downloaded on our website and ready to bring the excitement of the gambling world into your pockets. Also, our website designed with the top-notch HTML5 technology works seamlessly on mobile browsers. Now, you can explore our mobile slots library and enjoy gambling on the go limitless and freely.  

Online Slots FAQs

  • Is each reel on an online slot machine random? 

As a legitimate online casino, we use Random Number Generators (RNG) to run slots ensuring fair gaming. 

  • What mistake should I avoid when playing slot machines?

Avoid not paying attention to the paytable, RTP, and playing without a budget. 

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